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Thursday, November 12, 2015

DIY Personalized Baby Shower Gift

DIY Personalized Baby Shower Gift

I wanted to create something special for my sister's Baby Shower.  It had to be something personal with a Bible verse or quote.  I found this quote on Pinterest in the past and knew I wanted to use it to make her gift.  I also made one for my son's bedroom because I liked it so much! I thought about painting the quote on wood myself, but when I found these beautiful papers at Hobby Lobby, I changed my plan.  This project was super easy and super cute!

Step 1)  Purchase the following items at a craft store: Scrapbook Paper, Thick Cardboard Decorative Board, Modge Podge, Foam Brush, Glitter Sticker Letters, Pencil, one sheet of regular Paper, & Scissors.  I purchased my craft items at Hobby Lobby.

Step 2)  Trace the shape of the Thick Cardboard Decorative Board on to the back of the Scrapbook Paper with Pencil.

Step 3)  Cut the shape out of the Scrapbook Paper.

Step 4)  Modge Podge the entire Thick Cardboard Decorative Board with a thin coat of glue.

Step 5)  Place Scrapbook Paper on top of Thick Cardboard Decorative Board.  Make sure edges line up correctly and press firmly together.

Step 6)  Make a rough draft of your quote on a separate piece of paper to figure out how you want to space your words out.

Step 7)  Stick your Glitter Sticker Letters on Scrapbook Paper to create quote.  (I had to buy 2 packs of Glitter Sticker Letters for this quote.)

Step 8)  Finished!

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