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(As of April 2013)

Since I created my blog, visitors to my blog have been steadily increasing! In April of 2013, I had close to 10,000 visitors during the month averaging about 500 visitors per day! I started my blog in July 2011 and I had 194 visitors total in the entire month of August 2011.  What an increase in traffic! I am also on Pinterest and currently have over 6,000 followers and counting! I also created a Facebook Page for Mommy's Idea Notebook.  Recently, I launched the Dunham Design Company Etsy Shop {formerly called Mommy's Idea Notebook} where customers can easily purchase my printables and professionally printed art prints, pillows, and more.  Most of my visitors come from Google, Pinterest, and ishareprintables.com.  My visitors consist mostly of women who enjoy printables, entertaining, crafting, and decorating.


200x200 pixel Ad Space: FREE first month and $10 per month after first month.

(Payment due up front.)


You are considered a Sponsor on my blog if you pay for ad space for 6 consecutive months up front.

Sponsor Special: $30 total for 6 consecutive months of ad space! (200x200 pixel) Get this special before it's gone!

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Don't have an ad created? Don't want to bother creating an ad? Well, you're in luck! I'll create one for you!

200x200 Square pixel Ad Space: $25


Want to give away your product for free on my blog and get low cost advertising for your business? 

Sponsor Giveaways: Giveaways are FREE for Sponsors.  Each Sponsor will receive a feature post regarding your giveaway.

Non-Sponsor Giveaways: Giveaways are $5 for Non-Sponsors.  Non-Sponsors will receive a smaller post regarding your giveaway.