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Monday, January 13, 2014

Pantry Makeover: Under the Stairs

Pantry Makeover: Under the Stairs

This past December was super busy for my family and I because we moved into our new house just days before Christmas.  I'm thankful for our Christmas present! This time, we bought a smaller two-story house closer to family.  I finally finished going through all of our boxes and I have a list of things I need to do in our house.  On my list: this pantry makeover.  The original shelves came way too far out and did not allow you to walk inside the pantry to utilize all the space.  (I thought I took a photo of the before, but I can't find it! Sorry!) So, I began by removing the previous wire shelving and patching up the holes in my wall.

We went to Lowes, after measuring the pantry, and searched for the cheapest pieces of lumber and had them cut to size in the store.  The three bottom pieces are the longest on each side of the wall with exception of the back wall which is the shortest piece.  In total, it cost about $100 total for all of the supplies.  First, I installed all of the brackets.  A lifesaver for me were steel anchors that screw directly into the drywall that come with screws.  The steel anchors will not split if it hits a stud in the wall.  Measuring is crucial to making everything look straight and aligning correctly.  And using your leveler is a must.

Next, we painted all of the shelves with a high gloss white and let it dry overnight.  Then, we attached all of the shelves to the brackets.  This project took about two days to complete.  We are no experts at this, but I'm pretty proud with how it all came out!

And look at how much space I have! Yay! Now, I can actually walk inside and see everything!

There are four shelves on each wall utilizing all of the space.  My husband said it would have cost about $1000 to hire a professional to build this! DIY it and save your money!