Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How to Create Custom Pillows for CHEAP!

How to Create Custom Pillows for CHEAP!

I absolutely love how my pillow turned out! We will be moving into another home soon and I wanted to change my color scheme without spending a ton of money.  The house needs some updating and it is being painted with a fresh coat of interior paint as I write this post! I chose to paint the interior of the house in Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams.  I wanted pillows with gray, white, and turquoise colors, but I found it difficult to find these colors together in a pillow.  When I did see a pillow I liked, it was too expensive.  So, I decided to create my own custom pillows for cheap.  And best of all- there is no sewing involved! Yay!

The first thing you need to do is gather your supplies.  I chose to purchase most of my supplies at Hobby Lobby when the pillow covers were 50% off.  The pillow covers range in price depending on the style you choose.  You will need pillow covers, API's Crafter's Pick fabric glue, spools of decorative rope trim, and pillow inserts.  You can purchase pillow inserts from Pillow Cubes in many shapes and sizes online.  The gray & white pillow covers are regularly $9.99 each and the turquoise & white pillow covers are regularly $7.99 each. However, I bought the pillow covers at 50% off so they cost $4.99 and $3.99 each.  The fabric glue was $4.99 and the decorative trim rolls (5 yds each) cost $3.99 each.  Your pillow inserts will range in price depending on the size you choose.

After purchasing your supplies, put the pillow insert inside of each pillow cover first. Having the insert inside the pillow cover makes gluing the decorative trim much easier.  I purchased pillow covers with hidden zippers.  Make sure you don't glue your zippers shut! Choose a bottom corner on the front of the pillow cover and begin gluing trim from that corner.  Do not remove the tape from the decorative trim! If you remove the tape, the rope unravels very quickly and it is hard to bring together again.  

When working with this fabric glue, I found it easier to squirt some glue out on cardboard paper first and then apply the glue with a q-tip to the edge of the pillow.  The glue does not come out in a small straight line-it squirts out of several small holes.  Add extra glue at each corner to make certain the trim adheres to it.  Slowly work your way around the entire pillow.  This craft requires patience-don't rush through it.  Make sure that every piece of your decorative trim adheres to the pillow edge.  The glue dries pretty quickly-within a few minutes.  Try not to get glue on top of the decorative trim because it dries darker on the rope trim.  The glue dried clear on my 100% cotton pillow covers.  This non-toxic fabric glue has a permanent bond and is washable with a very gentle hand wash.  Always test your fabrics first to see if the glue will discolor your craft.  I was skeptical about the glue creating a permanent bond, but it seems to have worked!    

By far, the most difficult part of this project is gluing the two pieces of rope trim together at the last corner.  When you cut the rope trim, be sure to hold the ends firmly and secure the ends with tape to prevent it from unraveling.  It might even be better to tape the area of rope first, then cut it.  Unfortunately, I cut it and it started unraveling.  I quickly grabbed it and added a ton of glue while folding the edge on the under side of the pillow.  Thank God-the glue dried and the corner is secure!  

Please remember not to glue your hidden zipper together! Keep unfolding the fabric down so it does not get stuck.  Now, allow your pillow to dry.  The glue bottle label states, "Glue must cure 7-10 days before washing.  Hand wash gently.  Air dry.  Do not dry clean." Finally, proudly display your custom pillows!

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This post was sponsored by Pillow Cubes.  All opinions expressed are solely that of Monica Dunham.    

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pillows for CHEAP!

Pillows for CHEAP!

Sorry for the fuzzy photo-I took this with my ancient I-Phone.  Can you guess what store I'm in?

A preview of what is to come in my new house...

Can you guess what store I'm shopping in? Some of you die hard crafters and DIYers know exactly where I am.  It's Hobby Lobby! {By the way, I'm not being compensated in any way for this post-just thought I'd share it with you.} Hobby Lobby has all things crafty, picture frames, fabrics, home decor items, seasonal items, and you guessed it- PILLOWS and curtains for CHEAP! Sign up for their e-mail list and they will notify you of their regular sales plus you get a 40% off coupon for one regular priced item.  Cha-ching! Ok, I get really excited about my decor savings.  They have tons of beautiful pillow covers to choose from in an array of colors and design styles.  These pillow covers have hidden zippers and are well made for the price.  I shopped when these pillow covers were 50% off of their already low prices of $7.99 and $9.99.  I paid about $4 and $5 for each 18X18 pillow cover on sale.  I'm in the process of buying a home that needs some updating.  Look for room transformations and decorating ideas to come!   

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Why I Love Costco...

Why I Love Costco...

Can I tell you why I joined Costco? For the organic beef and organic chicken! I've had memberships at all of the major warehouse club stores and none of them offered any USDA organic meats or chicken.  Not only are we eating healthy, but we are saving money as well. And Costco offers many other organic products as well in addition to Gluten Free bread.  Tip: Before joining your local Costco, take a look around the store and search for the organic & gluten free products you most want.  Each Costco may carry different products so ask an employee before you join.  {By the way, I'm not being compensated in any way for this post.  I just wanted to share it with you.}


Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts Pack $23.72 (varies depending upon weight) (Price per pound $5.99) (typically 3 to 4 breasts per pouch with 3 pouches per pack)
Organic Whole Chickens 2 Pack $25.30 ($3 off sale today) (varies depending upon weight)
Organic Ground Beef Pack $21.99 (1.34 pounds in each pouch with 3 pouches per pack)
Organic GoGo Squeeze Applesauce Pouches Pack $10.99 (20 3.2 oz pouches per pack)
Organic Chicken Stock Pack $11.69 (6 32 fl oz cartons per pack)
Organic Apple & Eve School Lunch Juice Pack $10.69 ($2.80 off sale today) (27 6.75 fl oz Juices per pack)
Organic Eggs (2 dozen) $6.99
Organic Baby Spinach $3.99 (16 oz)
Udi's Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread Loaf $7.59 (1 lb 14 oz) (Huge Loaf)
Organic canned Tomato Sauce Pack (not pictured)

(I shopped in Florida on April 17, 2015.)

This post comes from my second blog Goodbye Gluten Hello Health.  I thought I had already put this post on here, but I guess I never did! Visit Goodbye Gluten Hello Health for healthy gluten free recipes.

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