Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kitchen Drawer Makeover

Kitchen Drawer Makeover

I'm so excited because I've been wanting to do this Pinterest inspired DIY Kitchen Drawer Makeover and it's finally done! And it was inexpensive, took a short time, and was pretty easy! I have two very large drawers in my kitchen and I constantly found myself looking for certain utensils in either of these drawers because the utensils were always sliding around in my drawer.  I knew I needed to get things organized and that is when I found this idea on Pinterest.  Why had I never thought of this before?! So, I convinced my husband and son to come to Lowes with me so we could complete this project.

Items You Need:

Poplar Craft Boards (1/4inX3inX4ft)
Hot Glue Gun with Hot Glue
T Square/Ruler
Medium Sanding Sponge

I used about 3 pieces of the 4 ft Poplar Craft Board for each drawer.  The amount of wood may vary depending on how you lay out your design in the drawer.  First, measure your drawer on the inside to make sure the wood is long enough.  Next, purchase the items you need.  I wanted the 2 ft long craft board, but there was not enough so we bought the 4 ft long boards and had them cut in half in the store.   Inspect the wood for imperfections and snag the best pieces.  Then, remove your kitchen drawers and figure out how you want to lay out your design with the wood.  Make sure you look through your utensils and account for those larger and smaller items.  My drawers do not have extenders so I designed the layout with larger/longer utensils at top and smaller at bottom.  {See photo above.} Once you figure out your layout, start measuring and drawing lines where the wood needs to be sawed.  This is where your T square comes in handy.  If you don't have one, just use a ruler.  Next, I had my husband saw the wood for me.  Make sure the wood is cut as straight as possible-you'll reuse the smaller pieces to create smaller spaces for utensils.  Then I hot glued the pieces of wood directly in my drawer.  Work quickly because the hot glue dries quickly! Sand any rough edges.  Clean your drawer and put your utensils back in it.  Put your drawers back on the cabinet and you're done! I told my husband not to be surprised if he sees me opening my drawers at night and staring at their beauty-ha ha.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Master Closet Makeover

Master Closet Makeover

I've been wanting to add more shelves in my master bedroom closet ever since we moved into our new house about six months ago.  Finally, we did it! And I don't know what took us so long! It was pretty easy! And my husband is no DIY guy-I think I'm actually better at building and putting things together than he is, but let's keep that our little secret.  As you can see, my clothes used to be on the right side (left photo), but we decided to add a shelf on the right side of the closet and switch sides.  Because I'm lazy, we did not even move up the upper shelf.  We just added the lower shelf-if my husband's pants are folded over in half, it does not touch the floor. Yeah! 
We purchased Closet Maid supplies from Lowes.  We also added 6 shelves behind the closet door which also added a ton of extra space! This project cost us under $200 and we finished the entire project on a Sunday afternoon-I even spackled some holes we made, painted, and put everything back in the closet the same day.  The directions are self explanatory-I did not even read the directions.  Although, you should read how to use the nail with the drywall anchor that Closet Maid supplies because we goofed that up the first time around.  Frankly, I think the steel anchors with screws are easiest and best when you can use it.  My point is: you can do this! We are not especially handy in any way.  I just push my husband to help me with DIY projects so we can save money and make the house look nicer! 

Monday, June 30, 2014

FREEBIE: World Cup 2014 Party Printable {USA & Brazil}

FREEBIE: World Cup 2014 Party Printable {USA & Brazil}
Ok, I admit it.  I have the fever-world cup fever that is! My parents were born in Brazil and I was born in the United States so I've been cheering on both teams! It's been such fun to see the US advance as much as they have this World Cup! I created this World Cup 2014 Party Printable Freebie so you can celebrate along with me! It includes a USA flag bunting, a Brazil flag bunting, and Toppers from both countries.  Enjoy! {Don't Forget: You must LIKE my facebook page for access to FREEBIES!}

Just me having some digital fun! Can you see both flags?