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Dunham Design Company

About Me

In 2009, Monica Dunham left her career as a Grief Specialist with the local area Hospice to stay at home with her first child. Being a stay-at-home mother gave Monica more time to explore her creative interests such as decorating, entertaining, DIY projects, writing, and her newfound passions of paper party printables and photography. Her creative interests led her to start her blog, Mommy's Idea Notebook, in 2011. Blogging merged all of these interests together with her love of graphic design!

In June of 2012, Monica opened Dunham Design Company {formerly called Mommy's Idea Notebook} Shop on Etsy.  She started out offering custom and non-custom party printables and is now branching out into creating other forms of art such as art prints and home decor.

Because Monica has a young son, she often works late into the night.  Monica is inspired by everything from vintage travel posters to fabric patterns to everything in the world around her.  She creates her artwork from her own photography, vintage copyright-free images, and purchases from other artists.  Monica really enjoys creating various types of art and printables.  She is really happy to see her customers enjoy them also!

In 2014, Monica discovered she had an auto immune disease called ITP as well as gallstones.  This led to a change in her diet such as eliminating gluten and the blog Goodbye Gluten Hello Health.

In 2016, Monica decided to take a leap and call the blog, Facebook, and Pinterest by the same name: Dunham Design Company.  She is currently working on transferring every post from Mommy's Idea Notebook and Goodbye Gluten Hello Health to the new and updated Dunham Design Company blog- a huge undertaking to say the least.

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