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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Amazing Vintage Superhero Birthday Party!

Amazing Vintage Superhero Birthday Party!

This party almost turned out to be a complete disaster because of non-stop rain the night before and morning of the party! I woke up at 4 am to the sounds of thunder and watched in horror through my bedroom window as all of the outdoor tables, chairs, and tent got soaked and nearly blew away! I prayed hard that it would stop raining before the party. At 7 am, I sat down on the living room couch and almost cried.  But by 7:58 am, God answered my prayers and the rain finally stopped! Thank you God! It did not rain during the party at all! 

To welcome guests and let them know which house to go to, I strung up balloons on our garage lights outside.  Upon coming to the front door, guests were greeted by a chalkboard welcoming them and asking them to join us in the backyard for the party. {You can purchase this sign here in the Superhero Games & Extras Party Printable Pack.}

I made a ton of food and labeled each food dish- some dishes were labeled with Superhero themed names such as Kryptonite Krispy Treats, Wonder Woman Watermelon, and Power Punch.  For beverages, I provided bottled water that I labeled with Superhero duct tape purchased from Home Depot, Punch, and Lemonade.  I purchased lidded plastic cups from Target (one of the only places I could find it!) and straws for guests.  I had a variety of food including: Chick-Fil-A Nuggets, Watermelon, Crockpot Gluten Free Mac & Cheese, Greek topped Hummus with Pita & Veggies, Rice Krispy Treats, Ambrosia Salad, Smoked Sausage in Crescent Rolls, Cream Cheese Veggie Tortilla Roll-Ups, Pretzel Sticks in Cheese Cubes, and Sweet Bacon Broccoli Pasta Salad.  I purchased splatter screens from the Dollar Tree and used it as lids to keep flies out of the food.  I filled empty buckets and empty foil pans with ice cubes and then I placed the food in bowls inside the buckets/pans to keep the food cold outside.

I created the Superhero City Backdrop {see how here} and clipped the Vintage Superhero Bunting to it.  All of the Vintage Superhero Party Printables were designed by Dunham Design Company.  I used Superhero wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree as tablecloths.  {See all items I used for this party that were purchased from Dollar Tree here.}

Because we invited my son's entire class from school, I decided to host his 5th Superhero Birthday Party outside in our backyard.  I borrowed extra tables, chairs, and a tent from family members.  I planned three outdoor games with Superhero prizes including a Ball Toss Game (whomever gets the most points with one ball toss wins), Pin the Star on the Captain America Shield Game (whomever gets his/her star sticker closest to the center star wins), and Lawn Bowling Game (whomever knocks down the most pins wins).  I used empty plastic water bottles as pins.  

Here are close up photos of the Toss the Ball Game and the Pin the Star Game.  They did get a little wet from the still dripping surroundings due to the rain.  I simply cut out the circles and taped them on to Dollar Tree buckets for the Toss the Ball Game.  I cut out a larger Captain America shield for the Pin the Star Game and glued it on to thick black poster board that I purchased at the Dollar Tree.  My husband hung it from a tree branch and each child had to stick their star sticker closest to the center star on to the board while blindfolded.  Each winner received a prize Superhero cape that I also bought at the Dollar Tree! {I'm not getting paid in any way from the Dollar Tree for this post.  I promise.  Maybe I should be!} Do you want these games at your Superhero party? {Purchase Superhero Games & Extras Party Printable Pack here.}

This is the Beverage Station.  I like to keep Food and Beverages in separate areas so everyone is not crowded around one table.  I put a basket of party favors in our red wagon alongside the Beverage Station and Cupcake Dessert Table to remind guests to grab a favor before they left the party.  Did you notice the Party Favor Sign? It reminds guests to take home a favor bag and wishes them a "MARVELous time." Want the Favor Sign for your next Superhero Party? {Purchase Superhero Games & Extras Party Printable Pack.} I also labeled blue rock candy as Kryptonite alongside the amazing Superhero cupcakes.

Thank God I have a trained pastry chef as a sister! She made these decadent chocolate Superhero cupcakes in four designs including: Super J, Batman, Captain America, and Spiderman.  Don't these look awesome! They not only looked spectacular, but tasted absolutely divine! As you can see, my son loved them! And so did our guests!

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