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Friday, September 12, 2014

Turn Ripped Jeans Into Shorts

Turn Ripped Jeans Into Shorts

My four year old son loved these jeans so much that he wore them until a hole developed in one knee.  I thought about sewing in a patch, but I was too lazy to sew.  So, I decided to turn them into shorts! I quickly cut them as evenly as possible and turned the jeans inside out.  Then I found my stash of Peel & Stick Fabric Fuse-with this particular kind you do not even need an iron! You cut the Fabric Fuse, put the sticky side down in the fold, press firmly, then peel away the top of the Fabric Fuse and press the fold firmly again.  That's it! The directions do state you must wash in cold water delicate cycle and tumble dry in low heat.  Now my son can keep using these perfectly good pair of Gymboree jean shorts! Victory for moms everywhere!
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