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Friday, September 5, 2014

Home Organization 101

Home Organization 101

What have I been doing with my time lately? Organizing of course! Since we moved into our new home, I have been organizing like crazy! And you don't have to spend tons of money to organize! Shop at Dollar Tree for baskets of all sizes.
These Dollar Tree baskets work well in my refrigerator for storing fruits, vegetables, food, and even medicine.

Our garage was terrible-we could not even park both of our cars in it! We purchased the Rubbermaid Fast Track system at Lowes and moved things up on to the walls creating a lot more space for our cars. Hanging our bikes is a huge space saver.  We did have to purchase a special drill and screws with anchors for concrete walls, but we know we'll be using it for a ton of other projects.  I bought the hook rack and more baskets from Dollar Tree to organize the rest of our stuff.
For the other side of the garage we purchased a Craftsman VersaTrack Trackwall system from Sears.  We bought it because there are small shelves you can place on top of the system along with hooks and the ball holder.  I used a bungee cord (another Dollar Tree item) to hang the round pool floats up on a hook also.
Finally, I cleared a drawer by using Command Hooks to hang a magazine holder on the inside of a kitchen cabinet for things like aluminum foil.  I added a diy spice rack on the inside of another kitchen cabinet door to add more space for my spices.  You can purchase those black metal hooks at the Dollar Tree too!
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