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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Custom 70th Birthday Printable & Party!

Custom 70th Birthday Printable & Party!

Guess what? My beloved father turned 70 this year! I can't believe how much time has flown by! I can't believe how old he is and how old I am! Gulp.  Life is so special-so fragile.  I wanted to celebrate my father's 70th birthday with a surprise party so I spoke with my sisters and mother about it.  We set a date, emailed out the invitations, planned, and waited for the big day! Relatives and friends flew in from all over the country.  We asked guests to bring a dish if they could.  My mother prepared Brazilian black beans & rice-a family favorite for our Brazilian family.  My sister, Denise, made delicious cupcakes and my sister, Angela, provided her 5 acre estate for the party as well as smoked pulled pork meat.  I made punch, gluten free macaroni & cheese, and created these custom party printables for the party.  And guests brought various plates of deliciousness!  Below are some photos of the custom printables I created from old photos of my parents and our family.

Didn't these custom printables turn out great? The letters are glittered! I set the blue glitter letters that read "Happy 70th Birthday Guido" against a background of old family photos with a small amount of color in the photos.  You can purchase a completely custom printable set like this one from Dunham Design Company for your next Birthday or Anniversary or Celebration here.  What a fantastic way to celebrate someone's Birthday or Anniversary! My father was pleasantly surprised by his party and we all enjoyed a great time! Happy Birthday Dad!
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