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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Life Preserver Christmas Wreath: Adding Tiny Bunting Letters

Life Preserver Christmas Wreath: Adding Tiny Bunting Letters

It is finished! Yay! When I originally created this Life Preserver Wreath, I had planned on adding fancy red glitter stickers to my wreath spelling out the words MERRY CHRISTMAS.  However, the stickers were not sticky enough to remain adhered to the wreath so I came up with this plan that worked very well.  I purchased two packs of tiny bunting (with different patterns) and two packs of red iron-on embroidery letters from Hobby Lobby. 

I ironed the embroidery letters on to the bunting and strung it together with string.  I love the alternating bunting pattern too! It came out looking so professional! I love the iron-on embroidery so much that I plan on creating more crafts with it! The bunting was about $3 for each pack and the iron-on embroidery was about $7 per pack at Hobby Lobby.  And now I have the perfect coastal Christmas wreath! Next craft to be posted soon: How To Create a No-Sew Fabric Advent Calendar! 
This is a photo of the products I purchased to create the bunting!