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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life Preserver Christmas Wreath

Life Preserver Christmas Wreath

I'm about all things nautical these days so I wanted to make some nautical Christmas decorations this year.  While my son was in preschool one morning, I was able to make this life preserver Christmas wreath! I can use it all year round by simply removing the Merry Christmas wording.

I started by gathering some craft items from my local craft store.  I bought these at Hobby Lobby-wreath made of hay, 3 large ribbons (two white, one red), my hot glue gun with glue sticks, rope (my mom gave me the rope), and sparkly Christmas stickers.  The mat is used so I don't get glue everywhere, but I still managed to get glue everywhere! I did not end up using the string.

I picked this wreath because it was larger and it was cheaper compared with other wreaths of similar sizes made of other materials.  I started by placing a good amount of hot glue at the end of the ribbon and adding more hot glue EVERY time I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath making it very secure.  I used two white ribbons and it still did not cover the entire wreath, but I was able to add the red ribbon covering the entire wreath. 

I then added the rope as pictured above and secured it with hot glue.

I also hot glued rope in the middle for some added nautical flair.

I tried sticking the stickers directly on the wreath, but they would not adhere so I put them on paper first.  You can then pin the paper to the wreath so it does not blow away.  Remove it for use during the rest of the year! I'm also thinking of adding a blue starfish.  There is another way I'm thinking of adding the "Merry Christmas" letters too and I'll show you in a future post.  Enjoy making your Christmas more coastal this year!