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Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY No Sew Fabric Advent Calendar

DIY No Sew Fabric Advent Calendar

Ta da! Look at the No Sew Fabric Advent Calendar I made! I'm pretty proud of myself in case you didn't notice.  I hate sewing and I wanted a fabric advent calendar that did not cost me a ton of money, so I decided to make my own.  Step 1: I purchased two of these burlap chevron pattern wire ribbons at Hobby Lobby on sale.  It's important that you choose wire ribbon because it helps the calendar stay together.  Step 2: I created 12 folds/pockets with each ribbon totaling 24 once both ribbons are folded.  Begin by folding each pocket and go down the entire ribbon creating 12 pockets total per ribbon.  I created deep pockets so I could fit small toys inside for my son.  I did not measure because I'm too lazy for that-just eyeballed it.  Make sure you leave room at the top to loop the ribbon around a wooden stick from which it hangs.  Step 3: Another photo displaying how I fold each pocket.  Step 4: Push down on the wire creating flat pockets all the way down your ribbon.  Step 5: Close up Photo of the folded pocket.  Step 6: Close up Photo.  Step 7: Loop the top of the ribbon around a flat wooden stick such as those free sticks to mix paint with at home improvement stores.  I just used a flat wood stick my mother had at her house.  I also put this stick on the bottom of the calendar.  See image 13.  Step 8: Get your regular stapler (no fancy staple gun needed) and staple the hole at the top allowing room for the wood stick to slide through.  You are simply creating a loop and adhering it with staples from which the ribbon hangs from the wood.  See image 15.  Step 9: Close up of staples.  Staple along the front right and left side of each ribbon securing the pockets on each side.  Staple all the way down each side so items don't fall out of the sides.  Keep the staples close to the edge so they will be covered by embellished ribbons later.  Step 10: Hang both ribbons from the flat wood stick.  Step 11: Add a flat wood stick to the bottom of the advent calendar also.  Step 12: Add a nice wide ribbon in the middle (see aqua/green ribbon along the middle) to make the calendar look like one piece and to cover the staples.  I added the ribbon with my handy hot glue gun and wrapped it around the top and bottom.  Step 13: Add ribbon horizontally to the top and bottom for embellishment.  Step 14:  I added our last name to the top of the calendar.  Step 15: Add rope ribbon along the left and right side of the calendar to cover the staples.  Step 16: You're done! Now you're ready for Christmas! There's a million different styles you could make with this.  If I were to ever make another one, I'd try to find a wider wire ribbon, make 12 pockets, and divide it in the middle with ribbon.  Merry Christmas!