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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Old Geezer 40th Birthday Party

Old Geezer 40th Birthday Party

Another spectacular celebration planned by my sister for her husband's Old Geezer 40th Birthday Party!  She drew the Senior Citizen chalkboard sign which greeted guests upon arriving and decorated with tribute to all things Senior Citizen.  Lights were created with old pill bottles, bingo cards were placed upon old knit blankets, pill bottles were filled with candy, and colonoscopy napkins were strewn about.  Many decorative items came from the local Goodwill.
Games were planned too! Bingo and Old Geezer Races to name a few.  The Old Geezer Race was like a relay race with two teams.  Each team had to put on Depends over his/her clothes, throw on a hospital gown, and run with a walker to hit the Life Alert Sign on a tree, then return back and pass it to the next teammate.  This was hilarious to watch-especially my 70 something mother who actually played the game! I opted to take pictures instead :)

The party was set up outside in the backyard with a huge tent.  Entertainment for the kids consisted of a bounce house and tree house with its own zip line plus rides on the bulldog-a larger and faster golf cart.  A convenient potty was placed outside should guests need to take care of business.  Just Kidding...it was for decorative purposes only :)
Guests were asked to dress up like senior citizens.  I bought a pack of pink rollers from the Dollar Tree and rolled my hair up.  I adorned myself with faux diamond earrings and fake pearls.  The outfits guests wore were quite comical-some people were unrecognizable! And the food was the best! Pulled pork sandwiches, smoked pork ribs, and tons of salads and sides.  Just some inspiration for your next Old Geezer Shindig!
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