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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Christmas Cards 101: No Icky After-Taste

Christmas Cards 101: No Icky After-Taste

Ok, I meant to post this a long time ago...better late than never!

It's that time of year again-time to mail out those beloved Christmas cards! I mail out about 40-50 photo cards every year and I really enjoy reading the letters and seeing the photos of old friends with their children.  I'm pretty organized {some may call me OCD...} so all I have to do is glance at my Word file and I can tell if an address needs updating before I print them out and adhere the sticker address labels to the envelopes.  After adding stamps and my address labels, it's time to seal it up! And that's when that icky after-taste enters my mouth...who wants to lick all of those envelopes? Yuck! So, my little trick is to grab a bowl and fill it with water (it's hard to see the water in my bowl in this photo) and a sponge.  Dampen one end of the sponge slightly and use it to seal the envelope.  And use the other dry end of the sponge to wipe up any excess on the table each time.  Repeat the process until you've sealed all of your envelopes! And no icky after-taste! Ta da!