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Monday, November 14, 2011

No Sew Bed Skirt

My Finished No Sew Bed Skirt! Looks pretty good ha?!

Step 1) Cut and measure your fabric.  Get out your iron and let it get hot.  Allign the no-sew tape on your fabric.  Put the no-sew tape paper side up and let the iron sit on it for several seconds to bond.  I found that it took longer to bond to my fabric then package directions indicated.
Close-up view of ironed on no-sew tape.

Step 2) Remove paper of no-sew tape after it is completely cool.  Fold fabric over and start ironing again.  I had to let my hot iron sit on the folded fabric for about a minute until it bonded.  Repeat this step until the entire length of fabric is bonded.

Close-up view of bonded fabric.

This sleigh bed could not have a typical bed skirt because of the slats that support the mattress, so I tacked & nailed the bed skirt straight into the wood.

I wrapped the inside of the bed frame with my bed skirt using tacks & nails.  Remember, nobody will see this.

Close-up view of tacks holding bed skirt.
Finished! I think it looks really nice & professional!

I love mixing fabrics!