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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Updating Vertical Blinds to Drapes!

 Updating Vertical Blinds to Drapes!

For some reason, I have been updating my home like crazy this past week.  I have been wanting to update our vertical blinds to drapes ever since we moved into this house.  After many months, I finally got around to doing it! 

The process was really very simple! I wish I had done it sooner!

Step 1)  Count each vertical blind and then purchase the same number of clips.  I purchased mine at Lowes for just over $6 per bag.  I had to buy 5 bags because I had over 60 clips. Each bag comes with 14 clips.  (Photo below shows exactly the bag of clips I purchased.  I had already removed the clips from the bag.  Clip is shown next to the bag on the right. The circle rings are not used.) Remove vertical blinds gently.  Each blind hangs on a small clip so move the blind up off the clip and down to remove it.  Easy.  No big deal.

Step 2)  Find the end of your window.  Grab the end of your drape and hang your clip at the very end. (Shown in photo #1 with the clip on the right.) This clip helps keep your drape closed at the ends.  

Step 3)  Hang each clip on the same hook that the vertical blind hung from and attach drape. (See photos 2 & 3.)  After clipping all of your drapes, test the drape's ability to open & close by pulling white cord gently.

Step 4)  Remove the silver cord that rotates each blind.  You will not be needing it anymore.  Make sure you are not removing the cord that opens & closes the drapes! Enjoy your new drapes!

I still plan on covering the header above the drapes.  I could not remove my header without removing the entire apparatus so we just left it.  Another post for another day!

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