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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How To Remove Dried Paint Off Clothing

How To Remove Dried Paint Off Clothing

The other day I had to touch up some paint on one of the walls in our home.  I was in a hurry and chose not to change out of my "good" clothes.  That evening, I noticed I had gotten some paint on my new shirt that had already dried.  Yeek! How was I going to get it out? With eye-contact solution of course! All I had to do was squirt some eye contact solution on the dried paint and scrub with a new toothbrush.  The paint came right out! I used Bausch & Lomb Bio True contact lens solution- I'm not sure if other contact lens solutions would work, but I imagine they probably would.  The stain was gone in less than a minute and then I washed and dried the shirt as I normally would.  You can't tell that paint was ever on it! {By the way, this also works with getting dried paint out of your carpet! Yes, we've used it for that before too!} Happy Laundering!
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