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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sofa Table ReDo

Sofa Table ReDo

We moved into a smaller house which led me to redo an old round wood sofa table I purchased at a garage sale a while back.  Here is the finished sofa table! Doesn't it look nice? The problem with it was that it had a lip around the edge which hurt my legs when I put my feet up on it.  I thought about putting a cushion on top, but I wanted a top I could place items on.  Here's how I did it...

First, I measured my table and found a nice thick 36 inch round piece of wood at Lowes.  I didn't even know these things existed! The 36 inch round cost about $38.  I also bought Gorilla Wood Glue and a smaller piece of square plywood that would fit inside of my circle table.  I glued the square piece of wood to my table first.  Then I glued the 36 inch round wood piece on top.  I glued the square piece first to give the 36 inch round something to adhere to because the table has a lip.  I used heavy paint cans to hold everything in place and left it there for a couple of weeks.

Next, I was ready to paint.  I used Zinsser Primer first which hid all of the knots in the wood top.  Next, I used Behr Gem Turquoise Semi-Gloss paint to cover the top after the primer dried.  It did not take long for the primer to dry so I was able to prime and paint the table within two hours.  I allowed the table to dry overnight.  The next day, I mixed equal parts of water and Behr Ultra Sweet Molasses Flat Paint.  I wiped it on the table with a damp cotton washcloth.  Make sure your paint strokes are pretty straight and uniform.  

And tada....Here is the finished product! I think it turned out great! Hope this inspires you to redo your  own furniture!