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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Assembly: Party Printable Set Instructions

Assembly: Party Printable Set Instructions

Cool Dude! {You're getting a sneak peek of my new SURF Party Printable Set that will soon be available in my Dunham Design Company ETSY Shop.} However, this post is about instructions on how to put together my new party printable sets that I just redesigned!

What is included in your printable party sets?

As of June 2013, my new party printable sets will include: Bunting {HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bunting}, Toppers, Tent Cards {you can write in the names of your party food dishes, use as name cards, or use as a thank you}, Cupcake Wrappers, Favor Box, and Party Hat.  

How do I assemble the Bunting?

Bunting Instructions: Cut out each flag, punch two holes on top of each flag to string with ribbon and hang.  Please note that I often create the Bunting using more than one pattern so the letters will alternate in pattern.  {For example: H is one pattern and A is another pattern in the word HAPPY.}   

How do I assemble the Toppers?

Toppers Instructions: The toppers will now print out in squares giving the customer the option of using squares or circles.  I purchased a 2 inch circle craft punch {brand: The Paper Studio} at Hobby Lobby for $12.  It is pictured above.  I then cut out the Toppers in strips {shown in photo above} and punched out each 2 inch circle perfectly! Attach toothpicks or popsicle sticks to the back with tape and stick in the cupcake/other food. 

How do I assemble the Tent Cards?

Tent Cards: Cut out each Tent Card {shown in photo above} and fold in middle so it stands on a table.  You can write in your food party dish names, use as name/place cards, or use as a thank you.  

How do I assemble the Cupcake Wrappers?

Cupcake Wrappers: Cut out each Cupcake Wrapper {shown in photo above}.  Wrap around cupcake and tape together on the inside and outside.  Make sure you wrap the cupcake with the Cupcake Wrapper positioned the correct way-it should arc down on both sides like a rainbow {shown in photo above} and then wrap it around the cupcake.  

How do I assemble the Favor Box?

Favor Box: Cut out the Favor Box.  Place on table with design facing downward.  Fold up along dotted lines around bottom square.  Then, fold sides into each other.  

How do I assemble the Party Hat?

Party Hat: Cut out Party Hat along solid black line {not outer dotted line}.  Fold side where it tells you to fold.  Wrap and tape together.  Punch holes where the two Xs are located and string with elastic string.  Embellish with ribbon and pom poms!  

What tools do I need to assemble a printable party set?

In short, you need a computer with printer to print it yourself at home or you can use a print shop.  You also need bright white cardstock paper, scissors, tape, small hole punch to string ribbon through, ribbon/string for Bunting, and a 2 inch craft circle hole punch.  I did not use anything fancy to cut this-just some good sharp scissors and my 2 inch circle craft hole punch. And you do not need the two inch craft hole punch-you could cut it in squares or use scissors to cut out the circles.  It was very simple and easy to assemble.  It's not hard at all!

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