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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DIY Jewelry Hanger

My Jewelry Hanger! I've been wanting to make one for a while now!
Step 1) Purchase a piece of plywood of your desired size.  Mine had black paint all over it from use on another project.

Step 2) Lay out your knobs on the wood and space the knobs according to your liking.  Mark the wood for holes.
Step 3) Drill holes all the way through the wood.  This step took a while for me because I had a lot of knobs and I had to use some arm muscle!

Step 4) Paint the wood.  I painted mine black first, let it dry, then painted on top of it with blue allowing streaks to show through.

Another view of my paint job.

Step 5) I wanted to add the words "Monica's Jewels."
So I used the free Picnik program online to create the words and flip them so it would read correctly.  

Place the words on the wood.

Step 6) Use a wet (not too wet) paintbrush to paint over the words.
Then, use the end of a covered sharpie marker to rub over the words.

Can you see the words now that the paper has been removed?
I think it would have shown up better if I had used a drier paintbrush and waited longer for the blue paint to dry!

Step 7) Go over the words in paint mixed with water.  I also added some stencils such as the starfish and seahorses.  I then used my wet paintbrush and went across the entire piece of wood several times creating a more worn look.

Step 8) Add your knobs and ribbon to hang up your new jewelry hanger!

My finished DIY Jewelry Hanger! Looks pretty good, ha? :)